PUBG Mobile India Latest Updates & News: Check PUBG Mobile Season 18 Launch Date, Time, and New Features and how to download it with a download link. Also know how to get all new items, skins and exciting emotes by purchasing a new RP season. 

While PUBG Mobile Season 17, Runic Power is still going on, all players are trying to complete all RP Missions and to get all bonus items.  While trying to reach the top ranking at the same time too. And as we all know with the end of Season 17, the RP section will be locked for 24 hours along with a rank reset for all players. And with that, new updates will be rolled out in the next major update by the company with all-new Season 18. And with the new season, all new gun skins, outfits, emotes, and more exciting items will also be available with it.

When will PUBG Mobile Season 18 Start Rolling Out?

Talking about when PUBG Mobile season 18 will be launched. There is no confirmed news on this either by Tencent Games or by PUBG Corporation. However, as per the past update patterns. We can expect that the next major update will be rolled out between March 19 and March 21. 

With PUBG Mobile Season 18 kicking off, players will need to purchase. A new Royal Pass in order to get RP exclusive skins, emotes, dresses, and other items. Elite Pass will cost 600 UC (Unknown Cash) and the Elite Pass Plus will cost 1800 UC to each player. Players can also get a subscription package for these passes.

What to expect with Upcoming PUBG Mobile Season 18?

A number of improvements that will make their way with the upcoming update include two new outfits. One a modern assassin-style costume and the other a futuristic assassin-style costume. Also, new weapon skins will also be seen that include a pink and yellow SCAR-L skin. A pink UZI skin, and a funky golden and grey smoke grenade skin. And that’s not it but some new equipment skins including a toy-themed helmet skin with a green, pink and yellow color scheme and a blue camouflage-themed parachute skin will also be seen in the new update.

New Outfits

Will PUBG Mobile Season 18 be Unbanned and be made available to play in India again?

In September 2020 PUBG Mobile along with PUBG Mobile Lite and 115 other Chinese apps were banned in India by the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology (MeitY) under Section 69A of the Information Technology Act. MeitY stated that the reason behind that ban is that the app was engaged in activities. That is prejudicial to the sovereignty and integrity, defense, and security of the country.

Since then the game is not officially available in India. PUBG Corporation also keeps trying very hard to relaunch the game by amending its policies and with some exciting new twist to it by naming it PUBG Mobile India. However, Govt. of India is not showing a green signal to the proposed offer by the PUBG Corporation. And there is no confirmed news when will Govt. uplift the ban from the app and will make it available again to play in India.

However, many players are following illegal and unofficial methods to play the game by using VPN services and by playing PUBG Mobile KR on other world servers. We strongly don’t recommend it though as it is not legal in the country.

But if you really want to play PUBG, there is a legal route too to play the game here in India. You can buy the PUBG PC or PUBG console as they are not banned. But like it’s quoted you will have to pay to purchase these versions.

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