Best WordPress CD/DVD Themes

You can create your own eCommerce store on WordPress.

There are few new WordPress themes that will give your website a new look and will also going to attract a lot of customers. But, don’t forget to keep your website updated and speed up your WordPress website.

These websites got all the necessary eCommerce plugins. Now you can also make your eCommerce from your regular website just by using easily accessible tools available in them.

Here we are going to enlist the Best WordPress CD/DVD themes.

Gamez – The Most Customizable WordPress DVD Theme

Gamez theme

The best feature of this theme is it got an amazing eye catchy visuals and is user-friendly too. They can use those available features while selecting what to buy, and purchasing too. These options are reviews, latest news, advertising spots, etc.

It got high quality and large, action-packed visuals that will keep viewers on that page. And they will get good quality pictures of products on every page.

To try it out you just have to click the demo import feature to get to know how it will look on your website.

Other features which make it user friendly are:

Smooth navigation:  numerous designed template will help users to find out what they are searching for.

Fewer menu options: it got a maximum of six menu tabs featured, which are well managed and through which users can get access to important data without any hustle.

Low navigation bar: it doesn’t have any negative or extra space in the navigation bar.

Color contrast: correct contrast makes it easy to differentiate between page and menu.

Smooth Navigation

Which UX feature aids in boosting revenue?

Cross-selling suggestions

This feature gives you an option to add premium add ons for Elementor Page Builder.

“Best Deal” will be showcased to the user in your latest news section. This additional service is known as cross-selling subtly. This can convert a lot of your viewers into buyers.

Additional Features worth Mentioning:

  • Integrated with popular plugins
  • SEO optimized
  • Drag and drop page building
  • Post review system
  • Fully responsive design
  • Auto-update functionality
  • Smart templates

Uncode –High-Performance WordPress DVD Theme

uncode Theme

In this, you get various methods through which you get to showcase your products’ information on the eCommerce store.

Let’s read about its features in detail

Multimedia gallery

Its most attractive feature is it allows video and podcasts and pictures in the multimedia galleries.

You can give product details in different ways, which allows users to select the most preferred method for greater understanding.

You can add:-

  • YouTube videos
  • Vimeo videos
  • Spotify podcast
  • Spotify songs
  • SoundCloud playlist
  • Self-hosted videos and a lot more

They don’t occupy that much space in your website and even won’t slow your website too because they are added into the gallery. To arrange your gallery neatly and beautifully it got a feature named automatic size. It will set the same ratio for every multimedia.

Videos are played in a lightbox which gives it a modern and different touch.

Other features which make it user friendly are:

Slides scroll – this converts the conventional navigation method into a presentation. Then the user can easily go from one section of a page to the next section with a single mouse scroll. This will showcase your website like a presentation and this feature will be quite helpful for your users who access your website from mobile.

Slides Scroll

You can apply a different transition to activate slides

  • Curtain
  • Parallax
  • Zoom and
  • 3D

It reduces time wastage on loading this time your user can focus on the product and website. Users will also get easier access to details of goods and services provided by your website.

How UX Feature Aids it Boosting Revenue?

This is a rare feature, might be available on any other website. It makes Uncode an amazing choice and responsive theme.

To reduce the downloading time it rescales pictures with different screen sizes and provides exactness and pace. For this, it should be praised.

Responsiveness of the website will lead to an increase in the number of customers on your website.

Additional Features Worth Mentioning:

  • Front-end Editor
  • Back-end Editor (uses drag and drop editor)
  • 410 Wireframe layouts
  • One-click demo import
  • WooCommerce Product Builder
  • Privacy Plugin (GDPR)

Shopinia – Modern and Unique WordPress Theme

Shopinia Theme

It is a WooCommerce theme of WordPress it allows all merchants from small to large-sized. It is modish, stylish and beautiful.

You can start any kind of business on this website easily from accessories to heavy goods.

To present your product in a different way, you try layouts from 10 premade homepage layouts.

Minimalist design- the main highlight of this page is that this will keep the focus on products. Clear bifurcation in categories, different actions, focusing on what the user is looking for, make it more attractive.

The color scheme used in the background in every layout is either white or different tints of nudes.  This will make your product and details look brighter.

Other features which make it user friendly are:

Ajax Cart, Wishlist, Compare, and Quick View Option:– while making a purchase it’s quite user-friendly.

Quick View Options

Quick view feature- it will allow users to check all the details of the product on that page only. After clicking on this option they will see an overlay window. In preview, they can see details like the product category, material, price, rating, tags, stock quantity, etc.

Wishlist- through this option user/customer can save a product which s/he doesn’t want to buy now but maybe in the future. They can also edit and make different sub-divisions and make various wishlists.

Shopinia Name your List

It’s not compulsory to see a preview, they can directly add that to the cart. This saves user’s time too.

Compare – this is the most amazing feature. With this option, you can make a comparison from other products of the same category, and make a wiser decision.

Which UX feature aids in boosting revenue?

RTL Support– this allows you to type right to left. You can add other international languages which go from right to left like Arabic, Urdu, Hebrew, Persian, Dhrivei, Aramaic, etc. This makes it a hospitable website to a broader audience. A lot of people feel comfortable who uses regional language.

 Additional Features Worth Mentioning:

  • Many shortcodes
  • Retina ready
  • Typography using Google fonts
  • WooCommerce integration
  • SEO Friendly
  • CSS Markup

CyberStore – The Fastest WordPress DVD Theme

CyberStore Theme

It’s a flexible and versatile WordPress theme through which you can set up an eCommerce store.

You can try its six layouts’ which are totally different from each other. To make a wiser choice of ‘which layout to choose’ you can see their preview by one-click demo importer’s help. It will provide you deep information about that website.

Slider Revolution

Google says – “It’s all about the meaningful motion.”

As depicted by the name it allows you to create animation and slideshow (presentation) on your website’s page.

This feature is used by many eCommerce websites to keep the interest of the users on the page.

You can give different effects to the animation of your product like the cinematic zoom effect. You can easily manage all the animation on the page.

38% of people stop visiting the site because of its unattractive layout. So the slider and amazing layout will help you to engage more and more users.

Because of this option, you can save a lot of space on your website by squeezing pomo offers, sale offers, etc.

Other features which make it user friendly are:

Pricing tables – it shows a full table with prices mentioned over there. It helps users to compare and select accordingly and prefer what is in their budget.

Compare button – this feature allows users to get information of a single product as well as compared one too.

You can beautify the page and control its color, font sizes, and borders to make it more attractive for viewers.


Which UX feature aids in boosting revenue?

Blog Layouts– it’s a critical marketing strategy which most times get unnoticed. Nowadays seekers are searching for answers to their questions. There are a lot of seekers who can become your customer too in the future.

Blog Layouts

Blogging isn’t a selling feature. Its main motto is to engage viewers and built their interest in the goods and services provided by you.

For example, if you sell beauty products, you can write blogs related to cosmetics, self-care, and your experience with different beauty products. And ask your viewers’ experiences too.

The one who writes blogs gets more customers than those who don’t. It is a strategy that might be helpful for you too.

  • Additional Features worth Mentioning:
  • Translation ready – Website can be translated into any language in the world
  • Google fonts – over 800 are available
  • 7 icon packs
  • Compatible with useful SEO plugins
  • Responsive on multiple devices (mobile, tablet, laptop, PC)
  • Mega menus  
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