The wait is over! Pre-registration for Battlegrounds Mobile in India will start now.

The wait for Battlegrounds Mobile India fans is over. The company has announced the pre-registration date of Battlegrounds Mobile India. A video has been posted by Krafton for this. It has been told that the pre-registration for Battlegrounds Mobile India will start from May 18.

A 17-second video has been posted on Facebook and YouTube by Battlegrounds Mobile India. It states that pre-registration will start on 18 May 2021. A loading graphics comes at the beginning of the video. Pre-registration is told as soon as it is loaded. It is not yet clear whether the game will be available for pre-registration for both Android and iOS users.

Along with this, the Battle Ground hashtag of India has also been used. The post states that the pre-registration page in India will go live from May 18. Earlier, another poster was released on behalf of the company. In this poster, PUBG Mobile’s popular map Sanhok was shown.

When can this game be available for Android users?

This game can be made available for Android users in June. A level three helmet is shown in a poster of the game. Light is coming from around this helmet. This photo looks like a solar eclipse. In which the moon is blocking its light. There is a solar eclipse on 10 June. With this, people are guessing that this game can be released on June 10.

Now after the pre-registration date of the game came out. It has become clear that this game is going to be launched in India soon. It is expected that this game will be released next month.


Pre-registration fans will get rewards

The company said in a press statement that pre-registration fans will be able to claim specific rewards. These rewards will be for Indian players only. To pre-register, users have to go to the Google Play Store and click on the “Pre-Register” button. Rewards will be automatically available to claim the game upon launch. Like PUBG Mobile, this game will also be free to play for all users.


Data security will be taken care of

The company has said that special care has been taken this time for data security and privacy. Krafton has said that this time the data of users will be stored in the country itself. Also, special attention will be given to law and order this time. Apart from this game, the company will also launch more game apps, which are not available in India at this time.


The parent’s number must be given

According to game developers Krafton, this time the rules will be a bit strict for game lovers under the age of 18 years. To play the Battleground Mobile India game you will need the permission of your parents. Also, you have to give them the mobile number of your parents, so that the company can know whether you are eligible to play the game or not.

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